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Use This Chart to Better Time Market Bottoms

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They say a picture is worth 1,000 words...

Use Money Flow to Verify Support & Resistance

New Uptrend Confirmed: Bulls in Control

They Say You Should Follow The Money...

Trading Trendline Breakouts: A Simple Tool

Stock Market Update: Week of July 18th

What to Watch For This Week (7/11/22)

How to Gain Insider Info w/out Insider Info

Is This Energy Bull Market Over?

Stocks Reverse Course, Bears in Control

What to Look for This Week (June 27th)

Chinese Stocks are Bottoming. Is the US Next?

Natural Gas Triggers Major Sell Signal

Oil is About to Collapse. Here's How to Trade It.

Will Housing Prices Ever Go Down?

How to Make Money in a Bear Market

How Low Will Stocks Go? Use This to Find Out

Stocks Just Broke Their Trading Range

How to Trade Fibonacci & The Golden Ratio (Video)

High Growth Stocks Ready to Breakout: 6/8/2022

How to Trade a Range Bound Market

What to Look for This Week

Will This Stock Market Rally Last?

How to Trade the Cup & Handle Pattern

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πŸš€ Stocks Just Triggered a MAJOR Buy Signal

Stocks Prepare for Big Test: Bulls In Control?

Why the Sell Off in Stocks Will Be Over Soon

πŸ“ˆ Learn How to Trade Stocks With My Simple TeachingsπŸ’‘

Draw "Trendlines" for High Probability Trade Set-ups

Confirming a Reversal with Trendline Breaks

Market Confirms New Technical Level

Market Hammers Out Bottom as Fear Peaks

Use this tool to fade other investors.

Stocks Fail at Key Support Levels. Now What? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

How to tell if a stock market rally might last.

A Mosaic Approach to Find Turning Points

This is what a stock market bottom looks like.

The Heisenberg Principle & Financial Markets

Stocks Inching Toward Major Support Levels

Investors vs. Traders, What's the Difference?

Midterm Election Year Rally Underway?

Why a 50% Gain is Possible From Now Into 2023

The market is rallying, but will it hold?

Q2 Syllabus for The Stock Market Academy

Stocks are down, but so is fear. Read this.

When should you ignore technicals?

How To Trade Stocks Like a Vegas Sportsbook

Major Buy Signal on JP Morgan

What To Look For This Week

Price Reversal Manifests at Technical Levels

Sell the Rumor, Buy the News. Literally.

Assessing a Technical Collapse of the Market

The Market is Selling Off. Now What?

A "Fear Trade" Is Brewing Right Now

How Traders Manifest Price Support Levels

Buy the True "Dip" With This Powerful Chart

Intraday Reversals: A Powerful Signal

A Major Buy Signal Is Brewing On Facebook

Trading Peaks & Valleys

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