Don't get pump faked at price support or resistance levels.
The midterm low is historically the BEST time to buy. Load up baby.
When the world is falling apart, technicals have to match the news.
Bulls need to see follow through, and Bears lurk above...
Here's what I'm looking this week, in light of all the headlines.
Understand the psychology behind support and resistance (part 1/2)
Nothing in markets is linear; a bottom is around the corner.
All signs point to a rough couple days ahead; keep your eye out for a bounce.
Trendlines offer high probability set-ups to trade the trend or a reversal.
Chaikin Money Flow tells us what the institutional big boys are doing.
Bears in control as S&P breaks through price floor; Dow Jones next?
Midterm election years = the BEST buying opportunities. Is the dip in?